Our Story
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Our Story


Stepcare is sole proprietorship company established in 2001 under the Companies Business Registration Act 1965. The company started the business by selling Insole Gel.

Stepcare also practice the attitude of “Customer always right” – treat customers with care as much as you want the customers treat you with kindness.

In 2005, the company released new products, for goverment and private bodies such as nurses’ shoes across hospitals in Malaysia, as well as shoes for diabetic patients.


In year 2012 to 2019, Stepcare Health Footwear produce new line of casual shoes for senior citizen, women and children.

Stepcare Benefit

  • To reduce joint pain
  • To ease heel pain
  • To ease back pain
  • For those who work standing up regularly
  • For arthritis
  • To reduce leg fatigue
  • Common foot problem among children